Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Falcons Living at Wood County Courthouse

It seems a couple of peregrine falcons decided they wanted to learn more about the rule of law when they picked the Wood County Courthouse as their home. They’ve lived there for the past three years, and each year they’ve nested in the clock tower on the north side of the courthouse and hatched baby falcons.

While they are moving around a lot, you can try to get a glimpse of the baby falcons on this webcam, and there are photos at the bottom of the page.

A couple of weeks ago, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division banded the baby falcons so they can be tracked and monitored when they move into a home of their own in August or September. ODNR employees said their parents chose the courthouse because of its height. They said falcons hunt while in flight, so the tall courthouse was a perfect place for them to make their home.

Andrew Kalmar is the court’s administrator. He said the falcons have become a mascot for Wood County court employees. He said the webcam helps them watch the falcons grow up.

There are currently 26 nesting pairs in Ohio.

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