Friday, September 21, 2012

More Help for Civics Teachers

Once again, I would like to highlight a new link Constitution Classroom that has become available for teachers who plan social studies classes at the middle and high school levels. The Ohio State Bar Foundation has created a number of tools to help teachers plan programs around the constitution.

The 2010 Fellows class, all practicing members of the Ohio bar, prepared PowerPoint segments on a variety of constitutional topics.

The topics include:

• Free Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, Petition We’re Number One! Search and Seizure A Reasonable Test

• Due Process Respecting Our Rights

• Three Branches of Government A Constitutional Blueprint

Each topic also has case materials for mock trials and other information to help with several lesson plans.

Constitution Classroom can be found here:

The attorneys who prepared this site hope that it will help promote classroom conversations. Let them know if their work was useful.

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