Monday, July 2, 2012

A visit with some Glass City scholars

I had the privilege of meeting with and speaking to about 20 Toledo high school students enrolled in the Law and Leadership Institute (LLI) at the University of Toledo College of Law on Wednesday.

Toledo is my hometown and I’m glad to say that this group was just as impressive as the students I’ve visited with the previous three years.

Through the LLI program, a diverse group of students from underserved schools learn skills that will help them become lawyers or leaders in their communities. LLI enriches high school instruction through a four-year academic program in law, leadership, analytical thinking, problem solving, writing skills and professionalism.

I talked about the Supreme Court and the importance of listening, reading, thinking, writing and speaking – all necessary skills for any field of work. From their response and great questions, I know that these students will be successful in whatever paths they choose in their lives.

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