Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The One-Day Justice

I thought it might be interesting to tell you about some of the people who have served on the Supreme Court of Ohio. Let’s start with the man who served the shortest term on the Supreme Court – Hocking H. Hunter. He took the oath of office on Feb. 9, 1864 and resigned the same day!

Why didn’t he serve longer on the Court? He realized he couldn’t keep his law practice while he discharged his judicial duties. Fortunately, his replacement, William White, had one of the longest tenures, serving for more than 19 years on the Court.

Before his one-day term at the Court, Hunter served for six years as the prosecuting attorney in Fairfield County. He also had two sons who served in the judiciary in other states, one in Washington and one as Chief Justice in Utah.

To read Hunter’s full biography, click on this link:

As of today, there are 153 people, including eight women who have been on our Court. Come back to the blog often to hear about them.

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