Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Take the Justice Judy Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Summer is nearly here, and thoughts turn to the pool and the beach. But, before you go, take this one last assignment: A Judicial Scavenger Hunt. We're asking students who visit the Ohio Judicial Center to take on this challenge as a fun way to learn more about the courts and how they impact our lives.

I was happy to lead a tour of the Ohio Judicial Center with a great group of smart 4th graders from Waynesville Elementary School this week, and I asked them to be the first students to take the Justice Judy Scavenger Hunt Challenge. Will you join them?

I have five items on the list. Find these five items and email me the results at I'll put the name, picture and school of the first student who submits all five answers on the blog.

Here goes:

1) Take or find a photo of your local courthouse.
2) Name one of your local judges.
3) Tell me which appellate district in which you live.
4) List the three branches of government.
5) Find a newspaper story about how the judicial system affected your community.

That's it. Ready, set, go!